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Around the Community! | Boise, ID | DJ | Casino Nights | DJs | Treasure Valley

Cornerstone Entertainment has been all over the community.  Helping the Old Navy in Nampa with Salvation Army events.  Entertaining guests at the Grand Re-opening of the Old Navy Meridian.  Supporting Hunter Elementary Meridian, ID PTA.  Working side by side with Meridian ATA for public events and fundraisers.  We had the honor of working with The Jayden DeLuca Foundation.  We are always ready to help our community have fun while making a difference.  Here is what Angelina the Executive Director of The Jayden DeLuca Foundation had to say about us…

“This is the second year that the Jayden DeLuca Foundation has hired Cornerstone Entertainment for the casino entertainment at our annual Masquerade Ball. Michael, his manager, and his staff were all very attentive, personable, prompt, and was an integral part of making our event successful. I would HIGHLY recommend Cornerstone Entertainment for any of your event needs as they made working alongside them seamless as well as they were fairly priced. Thank you again for helping make our 4th Annual JDF Ball incredible!
Angelina – Executive Director of The Jayden DeLuca Foundation
“We proudly serve our mission, community, and help heal little hearts” DJs Boise, ID | Casino Party | Idaho

And this is what Jill of the Hunter Elementary PTA said…

“Thank you so much Michael!! You rocked it.”

Give us a call.  Let’s party!

Images of FUN! | Boise, ID | DJ | Casino Party





Some great reasons to have a Casino Fun Idaho Party! | Boise, ID | Casino Nights

Fun! Fun!  Fun!

It is so easy to get lost in the fun at a casino party!  Even if you had no intention to play the games when you were invited.  You will eventually find yourself laughing and yelling “Jackpot” with the rest of your peers.

A great way to interact with your co-workers, friends, and family members!

DJs Boise, ID | Casino Party | IdahoNothing helps break the ice better than sitting down at a game table with your peers and a skilled/fun dealer.  Our dealers love to interact with their players.  They will always help get a conversation going at your table and keep you entertained all night long.  Before you know it everyone is laughing, sharing stories, and having an amazing time together.

Perfect for holiday parties and silent auction gift exchanges!

Casino Fun Idaho always sets everyone up with a carry cup full of chips once they arrive.  From their they can play whichever games they choose for the night.  Be careful not to spend all your chips in one shot.  However, if this happens you might find our pitboss in a good mood and he will throw you a chip or two to keep you playing.  At the end of the night our staff will help everyone tally their winnings.  From their you can do what you want with the numbers.  Whether that be silent auctions and/or prizes to the highest rollers.

Excellent for fundraisers and charities!

Casino Fun Idaho nights are great for raising money for your organization or cause.  Our team will help you from start to finish create an amazing fundraiser that will keep everyone intrigued and supporting your efforts.

C.F.I. by Cornerstone

Another one of our setups!

Playing your favorite casino games and not losing the shirt of your back!

This one is pretty self explanatory.  Nothing beats going out.  Having a great time playing your favorite games.  And not losing any money along the way.  Our amazing staff and dealers make Casino Fun Idaho parties fun and educational.  Give us a call.  Let’s party!

Looking back on 2012! What a party! Boise, ID | DJ | Casino Parties| Karaoke

Cornerstone Entertainment had an amazing time in 2012!  We were blessed to be able to provide quality entertainment for so many folks and companies this year.  Increasing our karaoke selection.  Growing our casino parties.  And being able to provide some new positions to some of our awesome contractors and employees.  So from the bottom of our rockin’ heart we thank you 2012.

These are a few of the great folks we got to work with this past year:mardi_gras_gif

Cole Valley Christian School

A Step Ahead Daycare and PreSchool

Leukemia Lymphoma Society – Team in Training (TNT)

Old Navy, Meridian, ID


Boise State University Alumni Association

Simplot – Plant Science Dept.

Jayden DeLuca Foundation

TouchMark at Meadow Lake Village Retirement Community

and many more…

Thank you to all of these great companies.  And all of the wonderful individuals who have helped us grow our business.

Here’s to an amazing and blessed New Year for all of us.  It’s time to party 2013 style!

5 things to look for when choosing your entertainment company | DJs | Boise, ID | Special Occasions

We at Cornerstone Entertainment  have compiled a list of five things to look for when choosing your DJ/entertainment company for your special occasion.

1 – Does the company have backup equipment in case of unforeseen circumstances

2 – Is your potential entertainment company able to provide you with references that you can contact yourself

3 –  Does the company have a contract to guarantee services

4 – Does the company have a page that allows you to read testimonials from previous events and clients

5 – Does the company have a well designed easy to navigate website

This list is certainly not the only thing to look for.  But the answers to these questions will definitely put you on the right track.  There are a lot of other things that entertainment companies can do to ease your stress during your special events and occasions.  A few others to consider would be, does the company provide you with just a DJ or a DJ/Coordinator.  Will the company work with you throughout the process to make sure all the I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.  Do they have the capability to refer you to other talented vendors relevant to your event.  Are they capable of working with the other vendors you already have booked.  These are all things to take into consideration when choosing not only your entertainment but every aspect of your special night.  We hope these tips and thoughts will help you make a more informed decision.

United States Military | Discounts | Treasure Valley, ID | Thank You!

We at Cornerstone Entertainment and Casino Fun Idaho understand that our freedoms aren’t free.  We are extremely proud to offer Military discounts.

Cornerstone Entertainment has had the honor of providing services to the amazing men and women, past and present, of the United State Military for over 6 years now.  Thank you all for what you do to keep our country safe.

God bless America!


Boise State Alumni Association | Discounts| Boise, ID | Go Broncos!

Cornerstone Entertainment & Casino Fun Idaho are extremely excited to be the only Entertainment company listed on the Boise State Alumni Association’s website. We are proud to be Bronco alumni members ourselves. And this is a great way for us to support this amazing institution.  Go Broncos!

Boise State Alumni Association-Local Benefits

Boise State Alumni Association

Boise, ID Wedding DJ | The First Dance

When you choose a first dance song don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Your first dance should embrace everything you are as a couple. Many times folks feel they need to choose a song that sets the mood over telling the story of your their relationship. With over 10 years of having the pleasure to provide first dance songs. Some of the greatest memories I have were songs that were the least likely to ever be played.  When choosing your first dance song as man and wife. Think of the following:

Picture by Hollenbaugh Photography-Where were you when you met?

-Was there music playing, if so what song?

-What was going on in the world?

-Were you on a beach or in the snow?

-What are your personalities?

These are certainly not the only guides that long awaited moment where you dance as husband and wife. But they might get you thinking beyond what you hear on the radio…

For the record the craziest most memorable first dance I ever had the honor to play was “Rock Lobster” by the B52’s.  Congratulations on your engagement! Happy searching for your first dance song.

Boise, ID Wedding DJ | Read what this photographer had to say about Cornerstone Entertainment

In His Image Photography by Heather Hillman does a wonderful job capturing moments.  We had a chance to work with Heather last fall for a wedding.  Heather wrote about Steven & Shantel’s wonderful wedding on her website.  There you can view her comments as well as enjoy her awesome photos via the link below.  We look forward to working with In His Image Photography again.

Steven and Shantel’s Wedding – Eagle, Idaho

In His Image Photography by Heather Hillman

Boise, ID DJ, Karaoke, Casino Nights | What fun looks like!


Boise, ID Wedding DJ | Wedding reception and music.

What to do about music?  When selecting your music for your wedding reception I always suggest two things.  Keep it clean.  And let the good times roll.  The key songs “special dances” will always cued up and ready to play.  This post is more about the choices after the formalities.  When the party really starts to heat up.

Keeping it clean doesn’t mean eliminating your favorite hip-hop songs.  It just means think about your whole audience.  Not just a select few.  Ultimately you want your guests to look back on your wedding reception as one of the best receptions that have ever been to.  You want them 5-10-15 years down the road saying, “Oh man!  That was such a great time!”.  Obviously, it is your day.  And the bride and groom will have the final say in what is and isn’t played at their reception.

Cornerstone Entertainment providing a good time!

Let the good times roll refers to not concerning yourself with songs like the Chicken Dance, Y.M.C.A., and  Dancing Queen.   Although you may think they are cliche and played out.  A lot of folks look forward to hearing those reception classics when they get those wedding invites in the mail.    This is not to say these exact songs are played at every wedding reception.  But if your heart is set on not having those songs played just let your DJ know.  If they are requested your DJ should be more than happy to let your guests down in a nice way.  And may even try for one more shot at approval  with the bride and groom.  Just to make sure.

We hope every wedding reception leaves an unforgettable mark in everyone hearts.

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