Fun! Fun!  Fun!

It is so easy to get lost in the fun at a casino party!  Even if you had no intention to play the games when you were invited.  You will eventually find yourself laughing and yelling “Jackpot” with the rest of your peers.

A great way to interact with your co-workers, friends, and family members!Casino Party | Boise, ID | Casino Parties

Nothing helps break the ice better than sitting down at a game table with your peers and a skilled/fun dealer.  Our dealers love to interact with their players.  They will always help get a conversation going at your table and keep you entertained all night long.  Before you know it everyone is laughing, sharing stories, and having an amazing time together.

Perfect for holiday parties and silent auction gift exchanges!

Casino Fun Idaho always sets everyone up with a carry cup full of chips once they arrive.  From their they can play whichever games they choose for the night.  Be careful not to spend all your chips in one shot.  However, if this happens you might find our pitboss in a good mood and he will throw you a chip or two to keep you playing.  At the end of the night our staff will help everyone tally their winnings.  From their you can do what you want with the numbers.  Whether that be silent auctions and/or prizes to the highest rollers.

Excellent for fundraisers and charities!

Casino Fun Idaho nights are great for raising money for your organization or cause.  Our team will help you from start to finish create an amazing fundraiser that will keep everyone intrigued and supporting your efforts.

Casino Party | Boise, ID | Casino Parties |
Playing your favorite casino games and not losing the shirt of your back!

This one is pretty self explanatory.  Nothing beats going out.  Having a great time playing your favorite games.  And not losing any money along the way.  Our amazing staff and dealers make Casino Fun Idaho parties fun and educational.  Give us a call.  Let’s party!