When you choose a first dance song don’t be afraid to think outside the box. Your first dance should embrace everything you are as a couple. Many times folks feel they need to choose a song that sets the mood over telling the story of your their relationship. With over 10 years of having the pleasure to provide first dance songs. Some of the greatest memories I have were songs that were the least likely to ever be played. ¬†When choosing your first dance song as man and wife. Think of the following:

Picture by Hollenbaugh Photography-Where were you when you met?

-Was there music playing, if so what song?

-What was going on in the world?

-Were you on a beach or in the snow?

-What are your personalities?

These are certainly not the only guides that long awaited moment where you dance as husband and wife. But they might get you thinking beyond what you hear on the radio…

For the record the craziest most memorable first dance I ever had the honor to play was “Rock Lobster” by the B52’s. ¬†Congratulations on your engagement! Happy searching for your first dance song.