What to do about music?  When selecting your music for your wedding reception I always suggest two things.  Keep it clean.  And let the good times roll.  The key songs “special dances” will always cued up and ready to play.  This post is more about the choices after the formalities.  When the party really starts to heat up.

Keeping it clean doesn’t mean eliminating your favorite hip-hop songs.  It just means think about your whole audience.  Not just a select few.  Ultimately you want your guests to look back on your wedding reception as one of the best receptions that have ever been to.  You want them 5-10-15 years down the road saying, “Oh man!  That was such a great time!”.  Obviously, it is your day.  And the bride and groom will have the final say in what is and isn’t played at their reception.

Cornerstone Entertainment providing a good time!

Let the good times roll refers to not concerning yourself with songs like the Chicken Dance, Y.M.C.A., and  Dancing Queen.   Although you may think they are cliche and played out.  A lot of folks look forward to hearing those reception classics when they get those wedding invites in the mail.    This is not to say these exact songs are played at every wedding reception.  But if your heart is set on not having those songs played just let your DJ know.  If they are requested your DJ should be more than happy to let your guests down in a nice way.  And may even try for one more shot at approval  with the bride and groom.  Just to make sure.

We hope every wedding reception leaves an unforgettable mark in everyone hearts.